Korsie reimagined

Korsie has been reimagined, our focus has been redefined and our objectives have been aligned. Over the coming months, Korsie will enter the global market with a clear vision to develop, inspire, and decentralize the nonprofit and charity world. 

With our new platform, individuals, businesses, and teams around the world can support and help others in need.

KorsieTM was created by Warren Manuel, who came from Mitchells Plain, a disadvantaged neighborhood in Cape Town. In poorer communities, “korsie” meant the crust, usually the first or last slice of bread. In many instances, people waste and discard the korsie. They waste life-saving food without even considering that people are literally dying for that one slice of bread. Daily, Warren was plagued by this one disturbing reality.

Knowing that every privileged individual has the opportunity to help others, he realized awareness would be the only way to drive understanding, consideration, and grow empathy.

In a world where Bitcoin and decentralized approaches have turned the financial world upside down, financial literacy joins with our new method of developing, inspiring, and decentralizing nonprofits, and community initiatives.

We look forward to an exciting journey with you.

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