Cause: Road to success

Korsie is here to assist individuals with drive, and passion, who are limited by resources and who wish to make a positive difference in their lives. Every month starting at the end of July, we’ll be giving away a bicycle along with some $KLV to get you moving. 

In many ways, South Africa is a difficult country to live in, and getting around to school, and to work, especially in winter, is extremely difficult, especially in rural areas. Although you are faced with a tough situation, you have the drive to make the best of it.

Please fill out the form if you know of someone in South Africa who would benefit from this donation. Describe why this person is the best candidate. If your nomination is not selected, they go on a list for future campaign assistance.

With more donations, we’ll be able to deliver more bicycles each month. In addition, you can create a team on our donations page to raise money for our cause. In the coming weeks, we’ll introduce some interesting partners making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

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