About Korsie

Founded in 2020 by Warren Manuel, Korsie creates communities and assists causes for nonprofits and charities to help them support their objectives and goals in serving humanity.

The DID project specifically focuses on “Develop, Inspire and Decentralize”. I DID my part to make a difference.

Our Team

Our non-profit teams’ are made up of collaborators from around the world, united by our mission to better humankind and improve the lives of those who are struggling to do so. The teams are composed of sponsors, VCs, company owners and brand managers, marketing managers, health experts, and friends and family.

To join our team, connect with us below and let us collaborate. 

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Road to success requires transportation. Help us provide bicycles and opportunity to the less fortunate

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A dedicated team with more than 10 years of experience

Join our community of more than 50K invested individuals making a difference in their local communities.

Quality approved and trackable causes and missions. You know where your charity and investments are going.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Korsie is a social media community, connecting individuals and non-profits together. Users can suggest causes, share experiences, or connect with non-profits directly to see how you could support or collaborate with them.

Nope, it’s all free. Korsie has developed this platform to connect caring humanitarians with nonprofits in need of your collaboration and support.

For sure, register for a free profile and follow the “Spaces” steps to setup your non-profit page. The more info you provide the better your community. 

With so many search engines and diluted userbases or systems, we decided to build a dedicated community portal for one purpose and one purpose only, to eliminate the noise and to allow people to connect with a cause they would like to support. 

Yes you can! If you’re passionate about an approach or a cause, feel free to create your own group and forum. Our moderators and collaborators will be online 24/7 monitoring content, so as long as you stick to our guidelines, everyone wins. 

Korsie is FREE

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