Understanding Korsie

Korsie is a non-profit organization that originated in South Africa. Over the last year, 3 individuals namely Warren, Lauren, and Robert raised funds to develop Korsie into what it is today.

On the one hand, we’ve developed a mobile-friendly website that allows local and international non-profits to register a cause they trying to raise funds for and activate it on our platform. Every request is monitored and vetted by Korsie to make sure we’re working with registered and reputable organisations.

The money raised will always be managed wisely and tracked via our accounting firm to make sure there are no financial gaps. At the end of the day, every cent helps, so every cent needs to be accounted for.

The latest South Africa, 2020 digital report shows a booming population of over 7.75 billion individuals, with more than 40% still not actively able to engage digitally. In today’s 4IR reality it’s becoming impossible to “Keep up with the Joneses”. We need to Inspire, Develop, and Decentralise access to Education, Food, and Health Care to name a few. Korsie understands the realities, disadvantaged individuals face all over the world.

This is our attempt at assisting as many as possible and as effectively as possible. Your support, partnerships, and guidance is appreciated.

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Announcement – Korsie uses Canva Technology

We’ve partnered with Canva for Nonprofits. Nonprofits can bring their vision to life, and through beautifully crafted content inspire a community to action, something we take seriously and to heart. As part of our mission to inspire and develop underprivileged individuals, we will be using Canva as a training tool to teach image editing, social media content creation, design, and video editing to name a few.


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