Be the Light of SWFL, Inc.

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  • Statement of Need

    Be the Light of SWFL, Inc continues to try and meet the needs of the less fortunate in our community. Our goal is to provide awareness and education to those who may not be aware of the needs of those living in our community. HOA presentations as well as HOA food drives bring that awareness to these issues are being planned. Funding for video presenations, as well as for other programs such as our Work Boot Program, Prayer Blanket Program, Umbrella Program, Grief Support Program, and food and clothing distribution are all areas of need. As we continue to be a “boots on the ground” charity, as we continue to meet people in need of the many programs that we offer. Many times when we meet someone, we discover that they have many underlying F issues that contribute to their growing problems. Funding is crucial so that we can continue to help our neighbors to get back on their feet.