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Projects and Causes

Every donation is appreciated, no matter how small it might seem. We will attempt to call EVERY DONATION personally to thank you. Our lawyers securely monitor all our contracts and service agreements and our accountants make sure all our funds are accurately managed and recorded on an available ledger for your perusal. All causes go through a vetting process before we add them to our platform. To add a cause, contact us to start the vetting process.

At Korsie, we want to DEVELOP, INSPIRE, and DECENTRALISE.


In 2019, 80% of people in South Africa have donated money in the last 12 months. *Based on data collected by YouGov on behalf of CAF


R1,200 was the median amount donated or sponsored in the past 12 months. 55% was donated to helping the poor, 50% to religious organizations and 41% to children in need.


Over 66% of South Africans have volunteered in the past 12 months. 53% for a religious organization, 49% for an NPO/Charity and it seems ages 18 – 24 years are more likely to volunteer.


We’re a registered NPC, work with us to better someone’s circumstance.