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Non-Profit Services


Korsie is an NPC, Non-profit Company, based in Cape Town, Western Cape with satellite offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth. Our unique approach to community, marketing, technology, sales, and education, offers other non-profits an unmatched service, price, and technical support foundation to further their sustainability projects within budget.

Partner with Korsie.co and take advantage of discounted digital marketing and technology rates for approved Non-Profit organisations. 

Korsie Our Non-Profit Mission

Website Development

Create a branded website that connects you with your clients and converts your hard work into revenue.

Korsie Our Non-Profit Vision

Social Media

Explore new audiences, test your brand in unique ways, and develop a following that expands organically.

Korsie Our Non-Profit Values

SEO Management

Develop your brand in an organic way and explore different content approaches to reach new audiences.

Content Development

Create content for your brand for exposure, press management, and social media development strategies.

E-commerce Development

Sell products online and with ease, with our secure CMS platform, perfect for local and international.

Creative & Video

Our strategy team offers unique perspectives for design, video and animation while showcasing of your brand.

IT Remote Support

We connect remotely to your Desktop or Laptop PCs and assist with software installations, setups, and more.

Technology Sourcing

We have preferential rates for technology products such as desktops, laptops, and more, ask us to source your products.

Legal & Business Registrations

Our legal team assists and supports non-profits with setup, understanding, and registration services and processes.

Website Hosting for a Non-Profit

Website Hosting

We host your website and emails securely and provide the highest levels of safety to make sure your data is safe and protected.

Internet Services for Non-Profits

Internet Solutions

Let us manage your internet Fibre, LTE, 5G services with our partner network, and discounted preferential rates.

Office Stationary and Furniture for Non-Profits

Office Equipment

Looking for office space or just some stationary to manage the day to day needs? We got your back, from pencils to boardrooms.

How this works

Once your organisation has been approved as a non-profit, you will have access to discounted digital marketing and technology services rates. All approved organisations could receive up to a 50% discount on normal rates. A small administration fee of up to 10% will be included and allocated to Korsie.co for redistribution into their non-profit causes.

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