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Korsie is a NPC, Non-profit Company, based in Cape Town, Western Cape with satellite offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth. Our unique approach to community, marketing, technology, sales and education, offers other non-profits an unmatched service, price and technical support foundation to further their sustainability projects within budget.

We realised that sitting behind our cozy office desks just doesn’t cut it anymore. Day in and day out, the divide between favourable circumstance and fair opportunity is becoming bigger. Far too many individuals are being ignored and not provided with fair opportunity to advance their skills and support their families.

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Announcement – Korsie uses Canva Technology

We’ve partnered with Canva for Nonprofits. Nonprofits can bring their vision to life, and through beautifully crafted content inspire a community to action, something we take seriously and to heart. As part of our mission to inspire and develop underprivileged individuals, we will be using Canva as a training tool to teach image editing, social media content creation, design, and video editing to name a few.


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